Fantastic overview of so many different areas of wastewater treatment. The course linked both real life problems with theoretical concepts. - Gold Coast 2015 View all testimonials


Principles of Wastewater Treatment (IWES Sydney 2018)
Design of Biological and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Processes
Trade Waste and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Biological Nutrient Removal (IWES Sydney 2018)
Energy Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Principles of Wastewater Microbiology
Wastewater Chemistry
Pond Design: The Next Generation (IWES Sydney 2018)
Decentralised Wastewater Treatment
Drinking Water Treatment: Principles, Practice and Applications (IWES Sydney 2018)
Design and Operation of Membrane Systems in Municipal, Mining and Industrial Applications (IWES Sydney 2018)
Principles of Hydraulic Engineering and Open Channel Flow (Hydraulic NOV17)
Australian Drinking Water Guidelines: Practical Implementation of the ADWG Framework
Best Practice Drinking Water Quality Management (IWES Sydney 2018)
Management Framework for Recycled Water Quality and Use
Recycled Water Management (IWES Sydney 2018)
Chemical Contaminants in Water: Significance, Monitoring and Interpretation (IWES Sydney 2018)
Emerging Chemical and Microbial Concerns in Water (IWES Sydney 2018)
NEW: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for Water Safety Management (IWES Sydney 2018)
Membrane Plant Design and Operation
Water Recycling: Design, Assessment and Optimisation
Municipal and Industrial Water Recycling with Membrane Bioreactors: Design, Validation & Operation (IWES Sydney 2018)
Introduction to Membrane Technology in Drinking Water and Wastewater Applications
Water Safety Management Plans: Practical Design and Implementation
Water Planning
Corrosion and Odour Management in Sewers
Coal Seam Gas Water Management
Biosolids Treatment and Management
Odour Assessment and Management
Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation
Introduction to Coastal Processes and Coastal Engineering
Landfills: Planning, Design and Management
Principles of Carbon Management
Stormwater Treatment Technologies as part of Water Sensitive Urban Design
Principles of Hydrogeology and Groundwater Systems
Seawater Desalination
Essentials of Water Auditing
Principles of Solid Waste Management
Principles of Air Quality and Emissions Management
Process Modelling for Water Treatment Professionals - NEW 2 Days (IWES Sydney 2018)
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills
Anaerobic Digestion: Sustainable Biosolids Management (IWES Sydney 2018)
Asset Planning and Management: A Practical Introduction
How to Calculate Your Carbon Liability
Integrated Urban Water Management
Chemical Engineering for non-Chemical Engineers
Managing Climate Change Risk - The Water Industry in a 'Clean Energy Future'
Community Engagement for Water Industry Projects
NEW - Understanding and Managing Air Quality Course (in conjunction with CASANZ) (IWES Sydney 2018)