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“Very well presented. The presenters had an in depth knowledge of the theory but enough ‘real world’ experience to make the content relevant and answer all questions. Site visits were extremely valuable” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Matt Stewart Barwon Water

“Great course structure, extremely well presented – clear and precise” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Yama Azizi South East Water

“Practical application, case studies, great notes and relevant material. A great mix of expertise – both presenters and course attendees. Relaxed environment – I was able to ask questions throughout” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Kate Floyd Water Corporation

“Very interesting presenters, extremely captivating and knowledgeable. The course was very informative, great venue and food, and great networking opportunities” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Mick Dunne Coliban Water

“Knowledge, concepts and one-on-one interactions to be able to better assess and complement our membrane operations” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Brendan Holt Gippsland Water

“Dynamic, informative, good mix of technical/theory and all questions answered”- IWES Sydney 2018.

Carlota Rodriquez City West Water

“Well-planned, informative and contained relevant information. I would recommend to others” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Brad Grief Sydney Water

“Covered all aspects and presenters had excellent understandings of their topics” – IWES Sydney 2018.

Ryan Snell Gippsland water

“A combination of theoretical and practical aspects. Knowledgeable and experienced lecturers. Overall a good interactive class with thorough explanations of questions by lecturers.” – Gold Coast 2016

“Wealth of experience to provide relevant examples. Fluency with topic enabled any question to be answered with pros/cons/alternatives. Site visit different to ones I’m familiar with. Accommodation/venue/meals were good. Overall organisation of event and support was good.” – Sydney 2016

“Concepts were explained extremely well and very useful content. Case studies/workshops were a great practical application and the site visits were great to see concepts in action.” – Gold Coast 2016

“Provided me with all the information to : 1 Ask the right questions, 2. Weigh the technical options 3. Solve problems to gain optimum performance from the plant.” – Gold Coast 2016

“Great presenters. Well organised material and stimulating problem-solving exercises.” – Perth 2015

“Expert presenters, good case studies and real life examples.” – Sydney 2015

Great course, great presenters delivered in a way that marries theory with practice.

Applied Statistics for Water and Wastewater IWES Online 2020

I really enjoyed how the coordinators kept us engaged in the conversation using mentimeters and breakout rooms. It was interesting to see the answers of other participants as well. It would have been difficult to capture all of this if we were answering these in a face to face class. I felt very fortunate to have coordinators who was actually involved in the process of the formulating the guideline one way or another. I was surprised by how they were able to address the needs of both the beginners and people with some experience. The best part was having two coordinators when one is delivering the course the other was able to clarify our queries which were great.

Recycled Water Management IWES Online 2020

The presenters, particularly Damien – made statistics interesting and demonstrated how important these fundamental skills are to everything we do.

Applied Statistics for Water and Wastewater IWES Online 2020

The lecturer adapts to the learners background and are approachable when you require assistance. All the topics are related and can be applied when I do data analysis at work.

Applied Statistics for Water and Wastewater IWES Online September 2021

The content was very useful but the real life examples & industry knowledge was what really made it – though the academic side of it was very useful too.

Best Practice Drinking Water Quality Management IWES Online September 2021

The mix of theory and practice was well presented and clearly backed by many years of combined knowledge.

Best Practice Drinking Water Quality Management IWES Online September 2021

Presenters were great. They managed to keep the group engaged. I found the secondary treatment information the most useful

Principles of Wastewater Treatment IWES Online February 2022
I found the group work very enjoyable and very useful, for both making connections with people and integrating what we had just learned into a problem scenario.
Integrated Urban Water Management and Assessment IWES Online February 2022

The quality of presenters was very high and they made the content of the course easy to understand and navigate. The level of their experience was evident throughout discussions in the course

Wastewater Treatment Design Gold Coast, July 2022
It was excellent. Very good to have presenter from water corporations sharing how the do things. Able to share ideas and learn from each other
Best Practice Drinking Water Quality Management Gold Coast, July 2022

The content was excellent and the balance between both presenters and their backgrounds gave variety and depth to the content and its uses in practice.

Wastewater Treatment Design Gold Coast, July 2022
The presenters were really knowledgeable, but also allowed for a lot of discussion, which showed a lot of different perspectives and helped contextualize the theoretical knowledge we were learning.
Principles of Wastewater Treatment Gold Coast, July 2022