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Drinking Water Treatment: Principles, Practice and Applications

The aim of this 18hr course is to identify key water quality issues, describe the major water treatment processes currently used, and to outline new approaches for optimising water treatment.

This is a practical course, and case studies are used extensively in teaching. The course concludes with an interactive design workshop to consider the issues and required treatment for a theoretical water source and water quality.  Specific operating issues of concern to participants will also be discussed throughout the course.

Issues addressed


  • Overview of the Australian Drinking Water Quality guidelines, incorporating the Drinking Water Quality Framework
  • Emerging water quality issues
  • Effective water quality management, including case studies
  • Disinfection processes and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Conventional water treatment technology
    • coagulation
    • flocculation
    • sedimentation
    • filtration
    • process optimisation
  • Variations to conventional treatment
  • Case studies from operating full scale plants
  • Introduction to membrane technology
  • Water Treatment Exercise I


  • Causes and treatment of issues related to cyanobacteria (incl. full scale data and case studies)
  • Treatment options for taste and odour compounds and algal toxins
    • Oxidation processes
    • Activated carbon adsorption
    • Biological treatment
  • Water Treatment plant visit


  • Problems relating to inorganic contaminants
  • Oxidation and physical processes for removal of arsenic, iron and manganese
  • Impact of natural organic matter (NOM) and new approaches to characterise it
  • Removal of NOM – optimising coagulation and alternative treatments
  • Overview of desalination, including a case study
  • Water Treatment Exercise II

What do you get

  • Access to world leading experts and the opportunity to seek advice with local issues
  • USB with the course notes and copies of power point presentations
  • Relevant publications and websites that can be used to seek further information
  • Half-day plant visit

Who should attend

The course is designed specifically for engineers, plant operators, scientists, consultants and researchers who do not have a strong background in water quality issues or water treatment processes. It aims to provide an understanding of the issues facing the potable water industry to assist in providing a better water quality outcome.

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