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Presenter: Paul Jensen

Paul Jensen is a research leader in the areas of anaerobic biotechnology and resource recovery at the AWMC. These research programs have developed since 2005 to over $12M in total funding incorporating 25 personnel including academic and engineering researchers, higher degree research students and undergraduate positions.

Paul aims to improve sustainability through research and technology development in the areas of waste treatment with a focus on recovery of renewable energy resources, production of bio-fertilizers, bio-plastics and other high value products from wastes and other low value raw materials.

Paul leads the highly successful red meat research partnership between the Australian Meat Processor Corporation and UQ that includes research on wastewater characterisation, recovery of energy, nutrient and water resources and development of a range of technology solutions that fit the broad needs of industry (i.e. ranging from low-cost lagoon based technologies to next-generation membrane processes).

Paul is recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts on methanogenic biodegradability and activity testing and actively contributes to over 12 research and consulting projects per year with applications across the product development cycle. Importantly, Paul and his team are having real world impact, and have contributed to a range of major wastewater infrastructure projects in the municipal and agricultural sectors in the past 5 years.

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