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Presenter: Andrew Ward

Andrew began his tertiary education with a bachelor degree in Environmental Science at Flinders University. This degree had a large focus on the hydrological cycle and included ground water hydrology, surface water hydrology, water quality and aquatic chemistry. Following his undergraduate degree he undertook Honours with Flinders University. Andrew’s Honours project was based at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) aquatic sciences. His project investigated the remediation of Barramundi aquaculture waste water discharge utilising commercially viable aquatic plants. On completion of Honours Andrew worked for 3 years as a research officer with SARDI. At SARDI he worked on the Integrated Bio-Systems project (IBS). This IBS project used integrated bio-resource management technologies to integrate production/processing and organic waste stream management into continuous, low cost systems. Waste from target industries passed through the bioprocesses and treatment systems to create valuable feed, fertiliser, biomaterials and biofuels, to recycle water and nutrients and eliminate waste. Andrew then continued his education by undertaking a PhD at The University of Adelaide in Chemical Engineering. His PhD investigated the high salinity anaerobic digestion of Halophytic microalgae utilised in the production of liquid biofuels. Andrew joined the AWMC as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Advanced Water Management Centre located at the University of Queensland in 2015, where he is working on waste water nutrient recovery and biological wastewater treatment processes.

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