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Presenter: Josef Cesca

Josef is a principal technologist in the Jacobs water business group. In this role he is responsible for facilitating and developing technology leads and ensuring that the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions are implemented, that generates outstanding value for clients.

Josef is an internationally recognised expert in the field of corrosion and odour control, with over 30 years’ experience studying odour generation causes, assessment of corrosion and odour impacts, and evaluation and implementation of various emission control technologies and solutions. In this regard he was part of the recent $21 million collaborative Sewer Corrosion & Odour Research (SCORe) Project IWA 2014 Global Winner in Applied Research.

Josef also serves as the Senior Technology Consultant for some of the largest odour control projects in the Asia Pacific region, including the TUAS WRP Singapore which is one of the large wastewater projects in the world at the moment and the $150 million Odour Management Alliance for Sydney Water. He is responsible for the design and implementation of several innovative and sustainable odour control solutions at some of the largest facilities in Australia and New Zealand, including the Gippsland Water Factory, Malabar WWTP and the Eastern Treatment Plant.