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Presenter: Daryl Stevens

Daryl is one of Australia’s leading experts in the use of recycled water in amenity and production horticulture. He is a Principal Scientist with Arris Pty Ltd, and he provides project coordination and scientific services for the Environmental Risk Component of the National Guidelines on Water Recycling, and is the National Coordinator for Recycled Water Development in Horticulture. He was also an advisor to the World Health Organisation.

His research has won several industry and university awards for excellence, and his expertise in the area of recycled water is recognized nationally and internationally. His research work with the University of Adelaide and CSIRO Land and Water has specialised in environmental toxicology and beneficial use of solid and liquid wastes, with a major focus on water recycling in horticulture.

During his research career, Daryl has contributed significantly to more than 100 scientific papers, conference proceedings, technical reports and books. Recently he has been the Senior Editor/author for a book published by CSIRO publishing on ‘Growing crops with reclaimed water’ in Australia.