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Presenter: Ross Lawrence

Ross is a Senior Consultant with over 15 years experience in contaminated land and solid waste management. Ross is a ‘Suitably Qualified Person’ under Section 564 of the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994, and has managed numerous contaminated site projects from initial Stage 1 site assessments through to detailed assessment, remediation and validation (‘CLID’) reporting to the Regulator, including receipt of Suitability Statements.

These projects have involved sites contaminated with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides and bonded asbestos. The use of bioremediation techniques has been developed and successfully employed for site remediation projects involving hydrocarbons and pesticides. Shallow contaminated groundwater has also been addressed on these sites where impacted.

Recently Ross has been involved with the investigation of sites impacted by PFAS products and the sampling of installed concentrated firefighting product systems.