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Presenter: Ross Lawerence

Ross is a Senior Consultant with Pacific Environment’s Land & Water team and was previously a Senior Environmental Scientist with Waste Solutions Australia, a Technical Coordinator with Central Queensland (CQ) Waste and is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP). Ross has been active in contaminated land and solid waste management since graduating from Griffith University with the University Medal for Environmental Technology. Ross has presented papers at conferences, lectured at the university level in contaminated land subjects and drafted numerous reports for companies large and small, regulators and property owners. His approach to remediation projects provides a multidisciplinary solution and he has a cooperative approach to working with specialists in other areas of the waste and contaminated land discipline.

Remediation projects have involved sites from a wide array of industries that have been contaminated with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and asbestos. Contaminated groundwater has also been addressed on those sites where groundwater has been impacted. Ross has facilitated liaison between clients, auditors and regulators in order to resolve technical and social issues.

Currently, Ross is working with laboratory cultured microbes to facilitate the low-cost bio-remediation of a herbicide and pesticide contaminated site in south east Queensland, including soil, groundwater and concrete media and guest lecturing at Griffith University on contaminated land remediation.