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Presenter: Philip Keymer

Philip Keymer is a Postdoctoral research Fellow in the Advanced Water Management Centre at the University of Queensland.  He holds two bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry/Genetics (UKZN – South Africa) and Chemical Engineering (UQ), and a PhD degree from the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland.  His thesis focused on the optimisation of algal production with a novel electrochemical system and the anaerobic digestion of algal biomass grown on effluent water.

Prior to joining the AWMC, Philip worked for an environmental service company in North Queensland for six years.  His role included process design and development of various technologies ranging from small pilot reactor tests to large scale aquaculture projects, for the purposes of bioremediation of effluent streams entering the great barrier reef, to the production of biomass for various purposes including aquaculture feed, fertiliser, and other bioactive compounds.