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Presenter: Mike Johns

Mike is the Director of Johns Environmental – a specialist environmental consulting company based in Brisbane and focussed on industrial wastewater treatment and recycling issues. He has 25 years experience consulting on water and wastewater issues of concern to Australian and New Zealand industrial facilities with clients both large and small. His services are highly sought after across Australia. His speciality is providing innovative process design and troubleshooting for wastewater plants discharging to rivers, land and sewer and increasingly for high quality reuse.

Mike has formal qualifications including a BTech and PhD in biochemical engineering from Massey University, New Zealand. He worked for 15 years at the Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland conducting research into biochemical processes and crystallisation technologies including struvite. Mike continues to provide technical advice for the environmental R&D program for Australian red meat processors under contract to Meat & Livestock Australia. This role refreshes his knowledge of leading edge environmental technologies and practices and the issues surrounding their successful adoption.

Mike has been a regular lecturer at IWES courses, and he is regarded as an engaging and inspirational speaker.