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Presenter: Jurg Keller

Jurg is the Deputy Director of the Advanced Water Management Centre and a Professor in Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland. He has a strong international reputation in environmental biotechnology and wastewater process engineering with particular emphasis on biological nutrient removal and novel process technologies. He has made valuable contributions in process design and optimisation in wastewater treatment processes for optimal nutrient removal and energy recovery, most recently focussed on nitrogen removal processes and microbial fuel cells.

In the last 14 years, his focus has been on establishing the AWMC as the leading wastewater research group in Australia. Under his leadership, the AWMC has grown to over 50 acdemics, research fellows and students, addressing major R&D challenges of the water industry in Australia and internationally, with an increasing emphasis on water recovery to convert wastewater treatment plants to resource recovery processes.

Jurg has consulted widely in the Australian water industry and has taught IWES courses for many years.