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Presenter: John Ashworth

John is a civil engineer with almost 40 years specialisation in water and sanitation across the globe. He developed a passion for waste stabilisation ponds in the 1970s whilst on a construction project in the Saudi desert. This has extended to a large number of projects involving pond design, construction and trouble-shooting in a variety of places including Auckland, Colombia, Jamaica and Australia’s Northern Territory.

Recently, John has advised on many pond projects across Australia. This included the development of the Pond Design Manual for the NT PWC, with Professor Duncan Mara (UK), the worlds leading pond expert. The manual reflects the problems and benefits of the Australian climate, and provides pond designs for the 21st century. In addition to his vast array of work on waste stabilisation ponds, John has spent a lot of his career working in developing countries, working on water, sewage, hygiene and emergency programmes.

John was recently the project manager for the Rural Hygiene and Sanitation Project in Kyrgyzstan, seconded to the UNHCR in Pakistan to develop camps for Afghan refugees, and seconded to UNICEF on hygiene promotion for the South Asia earthquake.

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