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Presenter: Hubert Chanson

Hubert Chanson is a Professor in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Applied Fluid Mechanics at The University of Queensland. His research interests include design of hydraulic structures, two-phase flows, coastal hydrodynamics, water quality modelling, environmental management and natural resources. He has authored 12 books including the textbook “The Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow: An Introduction”. He received the 13th Arthur Ippen award for outstanding achievements in hydraulic engineering from the International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research.

Hubert developed design standards for stepped spillways and energy dissipators that are used in North America, Asia and Australia, and he is an active expert consultant in hydraulic engineering, hydraulic structures and two-phase gas-liquid flows. He has been invited to deliver numerous keynote lectures in Europe, Asia, America and Australia, and he has presented several industry short courses in Australia and overseas including Taiwan, Japan and Italy.