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Presenter: Bill Clarke

Bill Clarke is Professor and Remondis Chair in the Schools of Civil and Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland.

Professor Clarke is the Director of the Centre for Solid Waste Bioprocessing, a new centre at UQ focussed on the recovery of energy and material from waste. He is a Civil Engineer (Uni Sth Aust) with MSc in Env Eng (Notre Dame, USA) and PhD in Chemical Engineering (UQ).

The focus of the Centre and Professor Clarke’s research is on practical methods for rapidly degrading solid organic waste. He has an extensive publication record in methods for accelerating the solubilisation and digestion of solid organic waste, assessment of the biogas potential of solid organic waste and predictive models for biogas production.
Professor Clarke’s research group is also active in the fields of H2 production from organic waste, the utilisation of solid organic waste in the mining and mineral processing industries and the on-site digestion of combined wastewater and solid organic waste.

Bill is active in consulting, engaging 8 different commercial clients in the last 2 years. He has over 100 journal and conference publications and has been the chief investigator on 5 ARC projects. He is a current recipient of a Qld Smart Futures Research Partnerships grant on the Biocell technology. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Waste Management and manages all submissions to that journal on anaerobic digestion.