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Water Safety Management Plans: Practical Design and Implementation

The aim of this course is to provide a step-by-step guide to the design and implementation of water safety management plans in Australia.  This will be based on risk assessment and risk management, incorporating all steps in the water supply chain.  The overall goal is to provide safe and acceptable water to consumers and the environment where applicable.

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2004) and the Australian Water Recycling Guidelines, Phase 1 (2006) provide a framework (National Water Quality Framework) for water management plans.  This course extends the framework through to practical design and implementation.  There is no one water management plan, and each plan needs to be specific to the scheme for which the plan is being developed. The general approach includes setting up a team and a methodology on which the management plan will be developed, identifying all hazards and hazardous events that could occur, and assessing the risk or harm that could result should these events occur. Controls and barriers need to be identified and validated for each of the risks, to demonstrate that the plan is consistently safe.

This is a practical course, with use of case studies and hands-on activities.  At the end of the course, you will have developed, and practiced, the skills to enable you to develop a water safety management plan for your own application. Consideration of water from diverse sources (e.g. water reclaimed from sewage for surface water augmentation and stormwater) will be included.

Issues addressed

Day 1 – Drinking Water Management Plans

National Water Quality Management Strategy
  • Policies and principles
  • Australian guidelines in perspective
  • Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2004)
    • Australian Water Recycling Guidelines, Phase 1 (2006)
    • Australia and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (2000 a&b)
  • Emerging water quality issues
    • Pathogens
    • Chemicals
    • Other risks (eg. Arbovirus disease)
  • Protection goals
    • Public health – primary and secondary exposure
    • Ecosystems and environmental flows
Developing a Drinking Water Management Plan
  • Preparation
    • Resources and timeframe to prepare a workable plan
    • Process for plan development
    • Change management and implementation
  • System assessment
    • Multiple service providers
    • Process flowcharts
    • Risk assessment methodologies
  • Operational monitoring
    • Critical control points
    • Operational targets
  • Management and communication
    • Corrective and preventive measures
    • Internal and external reporting
    • Emergency response
  • Upgrade and feedback
    • Audit and review
    • Continuous improvement
  • Case studies


Australian Water Recycling Guidelines Phase 2
  • Augmentation of drinking water supplies (2008)
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge (2009)
  • Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse (2009)
Developing a Recycled Water Management Plan
  • Preparation
    • Determining if a plan is required and who are the responsible entities
    • Which guidelines are applicable to the scheme based on the whole water cycle, including discharge to the environment of excess water and/or waste streams
    • Determine if a validation program is required prior to application for approval
  • Systems assessment
    • Description of the water supply system
    • Set protection goals
    • Hazard and risk assessment
    • Validation of control measures
    • Improvement/upgrade plan
  • Validation programs
    • Determine water quality criteria
    • Provide evidence of validation program
  • Case studies

What do you get

  • Access to two leading practitioners with direct experience in developing water safety management plans in Australia
  • Practical understanding of the relevant guidelines and how to implement them within a management plan
  • Core skills and tools to take back to your workplace, which will enable you to develop your own water safety management plans
  • Course notes and resource material
  • Detailed workshop problem sessions based on real case study material

Who should attend

Anyone involved in, or responsible for, the development and/or implementation of a water safety management plan for drinking water or recycled water application

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