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Principles of Hydrogeology and Groundwater Systems

The aim of this course is to teach the key elements and processes that form the basis of hydrogeology. The course focuses on both scientific theory and practical applications essential to any professional faced with issues associated with groundwater. The knowledge will be imparted with a series of short lectures dealing with real hydrogeological and groundwater issues supported with workshop exercises and case studies. This is as practical course, and includes a field trip element to allow for the application of the skills learned.

Issues addressed


  • Groundwater in modern society – issues and perceptions
  • Fundamentals of the Hydrogeological Cycle – inputs, processes, outputs
  • Determination of aquifer characteristics and groundwater hydraulics
  • Surfacewater and groundwater interactions
  • Introduction to hydrochemistry
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of hydro-chemical baseline data
  • Workshop 1 – Generation of a conceptual hydrogeological model – identifying inputs, processes, water budgets and groundwater contouring


  • Aquifer delineation, description and quality determination
  • Designing, supervising and evaluating long and short term pumping tests
  • Determining well efficiency, sustainability and long term pumping strategy
  • Field hydraulic testing and its interpretation
  • Basic methods of data analysis
  • Designing and supervising exploratory drilling programs
  • Introduction to analytical and numerical modelling
  • Workshop 2 – Generation of a conceptual hydrogeological model – identifying interactions and outputs


  • Half day field trip
  • Groundwater contamination – Identification, assessment and remediation options
  • Groundwater in modern society – The future

What do you get

  • Access to a leading practitioner in hydrogeology and groundwater systems
  • An excellent introduction to the principles of hydrogeology and groundwater systems
  • Half-day field visit
  • Course notes and resource material
  • Real case study exercises and data

Who should attend

Any professional who may have to deal with issues associated with groundwater and/or who requires an understanding of the fundamentals of hydrogeology, groundwater assessment and its management.

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event


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