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Principles of Carbon Management

The objective of this short course is to familiarise participants on issues and practical aspects related to climate policy, carbon markets and emissions trading. The course covers a range of topics including international, domestic and regional carbon pricing schemes and how they relate to the water sector. The course has a strong emphasis on managing Australian legislation such as the Clean Energy Act, Carbon Farming Initiative and alternative domestic mechanisms – regardless of political uncertainty, carbon pricing is here to stay in Australia and this course addresses the need for all organisations to develop a carbon management strategy.

This course is structured around a series of sessions and practical exercises designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to manage the risks and opportunities associated with a low-carbon economy. This includes building a greenhouse gas inventory and participating in a real-time emissions trading simulation called CarbonGame. CarbonGame is a highly innovative, immersive and multi-faceted learning experience that trains participants on how carbon pricing works in practice and how they can maximise efficient carbon management outcomes. The course is further complemented by the examination of real case studies.

Issues addressed


  • Principles of climate science, policy and carbon
  • International, national and regional climate policy and markets
  • The Clean Energy Act and the water industry
  • Practical exercise: Build a greenhouse gas emissions inventory


  • Carbon abatement
  • Carbon offsets, the carbon farming initiative and the water industry
  • Practical exercise: Emissions trading and management simulation (CarbonGame)
  • Carbon management strategy

What do you get

  • Practical understanding on climate legislation and carbon markets and the implications for the water industry
  • Carbon management skills through participating in practical exercises
  • An open forum where participants can workshop real workplace challenges and ideas
  • A strategic framework to respond to climate policy
  • Access to facilitators who have many years’ experience in developing climate policy and carbon management solutions in Australia and overseas
  • Course notes and USB, summarising key points from the course.

Who should attend

  • Individuals who want to understand the risks and opportunities associated with climate policy
  • Professionals who want to obtain the skills to put in place a carbon management strategy.

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event

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