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NEW: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for Water Safety Management

This new 2-day course provides an introduction to Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA), and it’s application for managing microbial risks in the drinking water, wastewater and recreational water contexts.

Participants will be introduced to QMRA as a risk management tool, and provided with a firm practical foundation for understanding the appropriate contexts of application. This course will include an introduction to the four-step process of QMRA aligned with Australian and World Health Organization guidance. More detailed attention will be given to defining an appropriate scope for the risk assessment in consultation with stakeholders; defining the appropriate level of detail for the risk calculations; interpretation of site specific data and international published data for quantifying model inputs; and assessing and communicating the outputs of the analysis.

The material is intended to provide an overview of the important principles and considerations in application of QMRA for risk management. Participants will be equipped with an introductory understanding of the QMRA framework; and with the investigative tools to be able to critique and assess a QMRA study undertaken for them by a consultant.

Issues addressed


  • Introduction to QMRA
  • QMRA framework and risk management
  • Problem formulation: defining the scope and purpose
  • Exposure assessment: quantifying the environmental exposure
  • Health effects assessment: estimating the health impacts
  • Risk characterisation: interpretation of the outcome.


  • Application and examples
  • Several practical examples for group discussion from the drinking water, wastewater, and recreational water contexts.
  • Participants are encouraged to BYO case study for discussion during final session.

What do you get

  • Access to a leading expert
  • USB and hardcopy course notes.

Who should attend

Anyone interesting in gaining an introductory understanding of QMRA either an as a first step in undertaking QMRA themselves; or to equip them for evaluating QMRAs undertaken by others.

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event


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