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How to Calculate Your Carbon Liability

As a result of the Australian Federal Governments Clean Energy Future package, all water industry corporations need to understand the cost implications of their direct emissions, and those of their supply chain (so called Scope 3 emissions), who will pass the costs through to them. Their full carbon liability, including any pass-through costs needs to be known, managed and any costs passed through to their own clients in a defendable manner.

The aims of this course are to provide water industry practitioners with the skills and knowledge to:
1.Understand lifecycle assessment and how it can be used to determine direct and indirect (lifecycle) impacts of their operations, including greenhouse gas emissions;
2.Quantify the carbon liability in their supply chain and how to determine and manage pass-through costs
3.Determine the direct and indirect carbon liability of a company’s activities, and thus determine the full costs of the new carbon pricing legislation to be passed on to the customers;
4.Use lifecycle assessment to determine the sustainability of their own operations and those of their supply chain so that they can improve their broader short and long term sustainability.
This is a practical, hands-on, course teaching participants how to use the EIOLCA software tool (developed by the University of Sydney and adapted through WSAA for use in the water industry) and existing economic transaction and financial data already available in the company to calculate direct and indirect carbon emissions (and therefore liability) and other sustainability indicators. Participants may bring their own data and use the workshop to provide the base for calculating their company’s carbon liability and other sustainability performance indicators.

Issues addressed


  • Principles of life cycle assessment and carbon footprinting
  • Determining scope 3 carbon emissions, supply chain liability and pass through costs for the water industry
  • Hybrid economic input-output LCA (EIOLCA) and The University of Sydney/WSAA tool
  • Workshop 1: Calculating direct and indirect carbon emissions and liability using the WSAA tool


  • Workshop 1 continued
  • Risk and opportunity – Managing an organisation’s carbon liability under the Clean Energy Future legislation
  • Workshop 2: Managing an organisation’s carbon liability and pass-through costs
  • Accrediting Carbon Neutral Products under the National Carbon Offset Standard and the role of life cycle assessment
  • Using life cycle assessment to plan your infrastructure investment, manage your supply chain and improve the short and long term sustainability of decision making and planning

What do you get

Access to two leading practitioners in the field, who have written guidelines and calculated carbon liabilities for many water organisations
Tools to directly apply in your workplace
Course notes and CD-ROM
Detailed Australian case studies and “hands-on” workshops

Who should attend

Any water sector professional that requires an understanding of how to calculate the carbon liability for a water sector organisation. This includes:

  • Climate Change / Protection Officers
  • Managers responsible for greenhouse gas emissions
  • Government enforcement agencies
  • Engineers and technical managers
  • System designers

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event


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