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Design of Biological and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Processes

This course focuses on the design, operation and optimisation of leading-edge treatment systems for both municipal & industrial settings – the sort of technologies and issues that are not easily found in textbooks.

The course is specifically designed for those with some familiarity with the principles of wastewater treatment who seek to both deepen and broaden their understanding.  By completing this course, you become familiar with the main drivers influencing modern treatment plants, and the key methodologies and parameters used in their design. The course is a mixture of interactive workshops, site visits and inspirational teaching.

Issues addressed

DAY 1 Design Issues for Biological Systems

• Critical design issues; municipal and industrial systems
• Basic bioenergetics: COD vs BOD; COD & N fractions; P fractions
• Organism growth and decay
• Sludge age and biological mass fractions
• Nitrogen removal; principles, analysis and modelling
• Design Workshop 1: Process option selection & integration

DAY 2 Biological Nutrient Removal

• Phosphorus removal – biological and chemical
• BNR process configurations and case studies
• BNR activated sludge design for very tight N and P limits
• Design Workshop 2: Design of BNR plant – considering sludge age, temperature effects, mass fractions, N&P profiles, reactor and clarifier sizing.

DAY 3 Site Visits & Recycling Issues

• Site Visit 1: a large municipal BNR and recycled water treatment plant and
• Site visit 2: large industrial wastewater treatment & A+ quality water reuse facility
• Issues in recycled water treatment and reuse

DAY 4 Primary, Anaerobic and Solids Handling Technologies

• Industrial wastewater treatment plants – design differences from municipal plants
• Innovative primary technologies modern screens, hydrocyclones, ultrasound, electrocoagulation
• Anaerobic technologies including
Biosolids and waste to energy
Design Workshop 3: High rate anaerobic system

DAY 5 Membrane Bioreactors, Emerging Technologies & Integrating Complex Systems

• Membrane bioreactors design issues and case studies
• Emerging Technologies – including Short-Cut Nitrogen Removal and Aerobic Granular Sludge
• Integrating WWTP’s as factories for water, energy and nutrients
• Design Workshop 4: Design of complex industrial wastewater treatment plants

What do you get?

  • Access to two leading wastewater designers and practitioners
  • Design skills to take back to your workplace
  • USB, including electronic working copies of design spreadsheets used in exercises
  • Several real life case study examples
  • Two site visits

Who should attend?

People desiring in-depth knowledge for design, concept generation, process selection for, and troubleshooting of modern wastewater treatment plants, often integrated with advanced water recycling systems. The course assumes familiarity with the fundamentals of wastewater treatment. Computer literacy (Excel spreadsheets) is a recommendation. Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers for use in class design exercises.


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