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Community Engagement for Water Industry Projects

This course provides water industry and environmental professionals with the skills necessary to develop and manage effective community engagement processes for any infrastructure planning or design projects. Participants will learn the skills and experiences necessary to have an effective oversight role and/or direct role in community engagement. As the course is designed to meet the needs and experiences of participants, it is hands-on, cost effective and can be put into practice immediately. The training is based around participant examples of community engagement challenges in water projects, and enables participants to apply the engagement principles and models presented to relevant case studies. Participants work in small groups to develop community engagement solutions that meet the needs of their organisations in ways that are cost effective, easy to implement and provide the necessary outcomes.

Issues addressed


  • Benefits and limitations of community engagement
  • Common Community Engagement Pitfalls and how to recognise and avoid them (Evolve Community Engagement 7 Step Checklist)
  • Pragmatic ways to involve the public (Evolve Community Engagement Model)
  • Practical examples of applying principles and practices (water processes case studies)
  • The various roles that you can play in any community engagement project


  • How to tailor consultation tools and techniques to project requirements
  • Workshop: Developing a community engagement strategy
  • Community engagement strategy implementation
  • Where to from here? On-going support and mentoring for participants


What do you get

  • Access to a world leading training resources
  • Access to world leading practitioners
  • Course notes and USB
  • Learn how to identify the best methods for engaging with communities based on our organisation’s priorities, needs and capabilities and those of the community
  • Core community engagement skills and tools to take back to your workplace, which will enable you to analyse and trouble-shoot your community engagement water management challenges
  • The development of high quality in-house community engagement resources

Who should attend

Environmental professionals, especially engineers, scientists and managers involved with projects that require effective community engagement. The focus on this course is how to effectively manage the community engagement process, rather than facilitating meetings or related activities. This course provides participants with an understanding of what is required for effective community engagement so that they can be invaluable members of the teams that make these processes succeed. Participants will gain the expertise and experiences necessary for the pragmatic allocation of resources to community engagement processes.

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event


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