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Coal Seam Gas Water Management

The upstream development currently underway to support CSG projects involves a significant effort on associated water management, including both treatment and beneficial use plans. This comprehensive course provides an overview of the wide range of specialties involved in the management of coal seam gas associated water.
You will learn about the full CSG water cycle, and how to achieve better overall water outcomes to support this critical Australian industry.

The presenters are some of Australia’s leading CSG water practitioners and designers, and the course is structured around real-life challenges and solutions encountered in some of Australia’s largest and most demanding CSG water management projects.  This hands-on course focuses on practical exercises and case studies to develop skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Issues addressed


  • Industry overview including CSG in Queensland and global activities
  • The natural environment – surface water and hydrogeology
  • Field development
  • Hydrogeology
  • Field infrastructure design (gathering system)
  • Design Exercise 1: Water curve estimation and field infrastructure design


  • The regulatory and social environments – including state and federal requirements
  • Water Quality:
    • How does water chemistry influence the treatment options ?
    • Which water quality parameters are key to determining plant design ?
    • Interpreting water quality data – achieving product water quality targets and
    • Identifying design limitations
    • Water and salt loading, and loading capacities
  • Treatment:
    • Summary of basic system configurations
    • RO membrane desalination, chemical and physical treatment technologies
    • Plant layout considerations and general equipment arrangements
    • Approach to developing a capital and operating cost estimate for treatment plants
    • Practical design considerations: Balance of plant
  • Design Exercise 2: Design a CSG water treatment facility


  • Overview of beneficial reuse options and key drivers
  • Dams – Overview of regulation, design principles and operational challenges
  • Overview of brine management, including solar and mechanical evaporation and crystallisation
  • Case studies from operating full scale plants
  • Design Exercise 3: Design a beneficial reuse scheme

What do you get

  • Access to leading CSG associated water process experts
  • Course notes and USB
  • Workshop sessions based on real case study material
  • Analysis and design skills to take back to your workplace
  • Australian and international case studies
  • Design exercises and real-world case studies

Who should atend

The workshop is designed specifically for engineers, field operators, scientists, consultants and researchers who require a strong grounding in CSG water quality issues and water treatment processes.

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event

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