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Steven Pratt

Steven is a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at The University of Queensland.  He is a chemical engineer with a PhD in wastewater engineering, and has expertise in industrial wastewater treatment and environmental biotechnology.   Prior to working at UQ, Steven worked as a Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at Massey University, New Zealand, where he consulted to local government and the dairy industry on sustainable wastewater treatment, focusing on passive wastewater treatment systems and energy recovery from domestic and agricultural wastes. 


Steven is driving a variety of exciting research projects, including producing algal biodiesel and biodegradable polymers from industrial effluents.  He is a co-developer of the TOGA Sensor, an innovative high-tech instrument which enables greater insight into biological processes, such as advanced wastewater treatment systems.   Technology New Zealand, Massey University and Scion (NZ) have partnered to commercialise the TOGA Sensor.