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Municipal and Industrial Water Recycling with Membrane Bioreactors: Design, Validation & Operation

From 15/2/2018 to 16/2/2018

This new two-day course will help plant managers and operators plan and implement water recycling systems employing membrane bioreactors (MBR).
The course covers features of all commercially available MBR systems, details on estimating size of biological, membrane and ancillary components in municipal and industrial applications. Case studies from municipal, paper and fibre, starch and dairy and agri-processing waste will provide information on typical operating costs and maintenance issues including cleaning and membrane replacement.

The course will also cover regulatory issues, including requirements of Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling and state based requirements for validating pathogen removal and ongoing compliance testing in municipal and food processing applications.


Day 1: Planning and Designing MBR's for Municipal and Industrial Recycling

  • Components of recycling scheme
  • Summary of national and state regulations
  • Feed and product water quality considerations
  • Features of commercial MBR’s and developing process flow diagram
  • Sizing biological, membrane and ancillary components

Day 2:

  • Contaminant removal mechanisms in MBR systems
  • Validation procedures and the science behind the new national  validation guidelines
  • Selecting surrogate pathogens and developing a validation plan
  • System monitoring, membrane integrity and long term water quality
  • Effect of membrane cleaning and ageing on system performance


  • Complete course notes including technical papers on case studies
  • System sizing spreadsheet for footprint, power and membrane requirements
  • Summary of MBR systems available in Australia with reference plant information and data
  • Q&A with lead developer of new validation guidelines


Chemists, engineers, planers and operators involved in water and wastewater treatment using membrane processes. The modules are based on recent case studies and developments in membrane equipment. Numbers will be limited.


Greg Leslie
Pierre Le-Clech