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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event
This practical course is targeted towards landfill managers and engineers who wish to explore methods to maximise biogas capture and minimise their greenhouse gas liability.  The course covers the fundamentals behind the gas generation models specified by NGERS, including methods for estimating the actual decay rate of waste in a landfill.  The course covers techniques for maximising landfill gas capture, including strategic planning for landfill cells and pre-treatment methods including organics diversion.  The course also discusses methods for costing greenhouse emissions liabilities.


Day 1

  • Fundamentals of greenhouse gas generation from landfills
  • Methods for estimating greenhouse emissions under the range of NGERS models
  • Methods for estimating actual waste decay rates in a landfill, based on captured biogas and direct measurements of fugitive emissions
  • Assessment and management of carbon price liability
  • Methods of directly measuring greenhouse emissions from landfill
  • Landfill cover design, incorporating measures for methane oxidation
  • Passive gas drainage and bio-filtration systems for biogas

Day 2

  • Tour of the Swanbank landfill, including a tour of the Biocell facility
  • Methods for estimating the yield and degradation rate of waste samples
  • Methods for accelerating degradation off waste in landfill
  • Pre-treatment options for MSW, including organics diversion


  • Access to two leading practitioners in the field
  • Fundamental understanding of organic degradation and the production of greenhouse gases in landfills
  • Tools to assist you to estimate and measure greenhouse gas emissions from landfills
  • Tools to assist to optimise biogas production in landfills
  • Skills to directly apply in your workplace
  • Course notes and CD-ROM
  • Detailed Australian case studies and "hands-on" workshops



Any environmental professional that requires an understanding of how organics degrade and greenhouse gases are generated in landfills. This includes:

  • Climate Change / Protection Officers
  • Managers responsible for greenhouse gas emissions
  • Government enforcement agencies
  • Engineers and technical managers
  • Landfill designers and operators