Anaerobic Digestion: Sustainable Biosolids Management

This course is available at these future events:
IWES Sydney 2018
Biosolids management in Australia is now changing, and a wide range of pressures are determining that we reuse the resources in biosolids, while avoiding negative environmental or social impacts. Anaerobic digestion has emerged as one of the leading methods for biosolids conditioning, as it produces a better quality product, has relatively low cost components, and is well established. As a process, it is well understood, and simple. However, much of this knowledge has not been widely taught, and there is still a perception that anaerobic digestion is a difficult process. In this course, we dispel this, as well as other myths, and show that anaerobic digestion is a simple, robust process, that is easy to design, operate, and control for a high quality gas and solid product.

The course will use spreadsheeting extensively, and participants should bring a laptop computer (with Microsoft Excel installed). Macros should be enabled.


Day 1: Background, design, and application

  • Biosolids what are they ?
  • Guidelines, regulations, quality measures, and the case for beneficial application
  • Introduction to biosolids treatment technologies
  • Anaerobic digestion: background, design and application
  • Enhancing anaerobic systems: use of mechanical and temperature conditioning for better digestion. Economic, technical, and environmental analysis
  • Workshop 1: Spreadsheet based analysis of an AD case-study

Day 2: Operation and analysis

  • Troubleshooting: what goes wrong with digesters? What impact does it have on quality measures ?
  • Digester chemistry, including mini workshop
  • Overall system design: nutrient, solids, energy and transport management
  • Workshop 2: Spreadsheet based analysis of an integrated system


  • Access to an internationally recognised leading researcher and practitioner in Anaerobic Digestion
  • Workshop sessions based on real case study material 
  • Analysis and design skills to take back to your workplace
  • A USB containing all electronic materials used in the course including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets


Engineers, managers, consultants and plant operators who are involved in the design, operation and optimisation of anaerobic digestion processes for biosolids management.

Damien Batstone