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Asset Planning and Management: A Practical Introduction

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event

Learn how to plan and manage water and sewer assets. This is a practical course aimed at those working within or for a water utility business, and will include a mix of water and sewer case studies.  You will develop skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.


Day 1

  • The business of planning and managing assets capital and recurrent budgets; capital works funding requests; obtaining external funding
  • Understanding service levels and the legislative environment
  • The tools and data available within modern utilities Understanding how to use electronic data capture and reporting systems, such as GIS, asset mgt systems, customer info. Systems and hydraulic models
  • Planning new assets, the process and considerations - Is there land available for the asset ? Who owns the land ? Will constructing this asset disrupt business, transport or the environment? When should the asset be built ? Who is going to build the asset ? Who is going to maintain the asset ?

Day 2

  • Assessing the current and future loads on a system - Where and when is development likely to occur ?  How will water use patterns change ? What are the likely impacts of new technology ?
  • Reviewing the performance and condition of your existing assets hydraulic modelling; analysis of time series data from telemetry; field monitoring and gauging
  • Determining the capacity required for new assets
  • Maintenance and operations of assets


  • Course notes and CD
  • Access to a leading practitioner in the field of Asset Planning and Management
  • Relevant publications and websites that can be used to seek further information
  • Access to additional on-line training material


This workshop is targeted at engineers new to the field of asset planning and management.  The material covered will be relevant to:
  • Engineers new to Local Government and Utility employment
  • Anyone who is involved in engaging consultants to plan news assets
  • Graduate engineers
  • Experienced engineers returning to the Asset Planning field

Ian Burrows