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Stormwater Treatment Technologies as part of Water Sensitive Urban Design

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event

Learn how to specify, design and evaluate stormwater treatment technologies.  This course will focus on the design and performance of stormwater treatment systems to support the philosophy of Water Sensitive Urban Design.  The course will emphasise basic principles of treatment, so that selection and design can be based on an understanding of the main processes responsible for pollutant removal from urban stormwater.  

Participants will also learn how to develop their own 'hybrid' systems, such as combinations of swales and infiltration systems, or wetlands and biofiltration systems.  This is a practical course, including a large practical design exercise, hands-on modelling exercises and an interactive field tour of local stormwater treatment facilities.



Day 1   Stormwater Principles 



  • Hydrologic impacts of urbanisation and how to measure them
  • Stormwater pollution: its characteristics and composition
  • Understand principles, objectives and processes of stormwater treatment, for particulate and dissolved pollutants
  • Management of flows and water quality - combining the two to achieve ecosystem benefits
  • Setting targets for stormwater management
  • Effect of stormwater harvesting on stormwater hydrology
  • Design of stormwater harvesting systems, including treatment, distribution and storage


Day 2   Latest Advances in Stormwater Management Technologies

  • The design of a range of stormwater treatment systems (vegetated swales, infiltration systems, biofiltration systems and stormwater wetlands)
  • Expected performance of stormwater treatment system
  • Approaches to modelling stormwater treatment
  • Introduction to MUSIC
  • Design Exercise - Conceptual design of a stormwater treatment train for a (i) greenfield and (ii) retrofit situation


Day 3   Designing Stormwater Systems


  • Modelling systems in MUSIC
  • Design Exercise - Evaluating conceptual designs of stormwater treatment trains
  • Half-day field visit to Pimpama Coomera Waters - What stormwater treatment strategies were used ? What worked well ? What could be improved ?


Day 4   Detailed Design and Modelling Workshop

Participants will work on a practical design exercise, where they will develop a detailed design of an integrated stormwater treatment system and then use MUSIC to model the strategy.


  • Access to world leading practitioners and researchers in stormwater management
  • Course notes and CD-ROM
  • An excellent introduction to the principles of urban stormwater treatment
  • Half-day field visit
  • Detailed stormwater design exercises
  • Skills and tools to take back to your workplace


  • Practitioners responsible for selecting, designing and constructing stormwater systems  
  • Local and state government staff
  • Environmental and engineering consultants, including those in the land development industry
  • Recent graduates
  • Anyone with an interest in stormwater management

The course includes practical exercises involving the design and modelling of stormwater treatment systems.  Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop with MUSIC v4. installed.


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