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Australian Drinking Water Guidelines: Practical Implementation of the ADWG Framework

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The aim of this course is to provide practical training in implementing the NHMRC/NRMMC Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) Framework for the management of drinking water quality.

This is a practical course, structured around a series of sessions that illustrate each of the principles and concepts of the Framework using illustrative examples. Each of the short lectures is followed by small group exercises, and opportunities for participants to apply the concepts to their own situations.  A case study of the implementation of the Framework will be given using local examples.


Day 1

  • History of water supply and origin of the Framework 
  • Overview of water quality risk assessment management frameworks
  • Overview of ADWG Framework and related requirements
  • Formal requirements and standard of duty noting regulatory requirements [e.g. Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (Qld); Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 (Vic); Operating Licences and Best-Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Guidelines 2007 (NSW)]
  • Stakeholders and risk assessment team
  • System description and system flow diagrams
  • Water quality data analysis and presentation
  • Methodologies for drinking water hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Identifying hazards, assessing risks and setting management priorities

Day 2

  • Identifying critical control points and key control programs
  • Developing specifications for proportional control of risks
  • Management of incidents and emergencies
  • Technical validation of system capability
  • Verification of system performance
  • Supporting programs underpinning the risk management system


  • Practical understanding of the ADWG Framework
  • Access to experienced water quality management system facilitators
  • Course notes and USB summarising key points from the Framework
  • Exercises and pro forma�s to assist with Framework implementation
  • Peer contacts working in water quality management


  • Individuals wanting a practical understanding of the Framework
  • Professionals using the Framework in operational, regulatory or service provision roles
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