Integrated Urban Water Management

This course is not currently scheduled for a future event

Learn about the philosophies, principles and techniques of Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM). Attendees will have the opportunity to develop skills in techniques such as technology selection, end-use analysis, life cycle costs and triple-bottom-line analysis. The course will also provide opportunity for discussion of issues such as managing trade-offs between social, environmental and economic drivers. Learning will be achieved through a mix of lectures, discussion sessions, practical exercises and hypothetical case studies.


  • Understand principles, objectives and constraints for integrated urban water management (e.g. optimisation of conflicting objectives, facilitating innovation, analysing interactions between components)
  • Overview of the range of IUWM techniques, encompassing both structural and non-structural tools  (e.g.  lot-scale structural measures such as water efficient appliances, greywater recycling, etc. and non-structural measures such as education and town planning controls)
  • The role and functioning of different components of urban water systems, their interactions and scale of application (on-site through to catchment)
  • Simple tools to assess alternative methods for integrated urban water management (end use analysis, water balance analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Triple Bottom Line analysis)
  • Introduction to the relationship between urban water management and greenhouse gas considerations
  • Issues relating to institutional considerations omega replica and implementation issues. (e.g. how do we facilitate change, overcome resistance, and promote the role of champions in leading IUWM ?)


  • Course notes and CD-ROM
  • Access to world leading practitioners and researchers in IUWM
  • An excellent introduction to the principles of Integrated Urban Water Management
  • Skills and tools to take back to your workplace


  • Local and state government staff
  • Environmental and engineering consultants
  • Recent graduates
  • Anyone with an interest in IUWM

Grace Mitchell
André Taylor